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Norton Bavant G4

primary name: Norton Bavant G4

other name: RCH: Norton Bavant 7

archaeology / bronze age

SiteName: Inside Scratchbury, Parish: Norton Bavant, County: Wiltshire, LocalityType: bowl barrow, LocalityType: round barrow, Coordinates: NGR:ST91024410

Bowl Barrow (primary interment not found) with fragments of antlers, boar's teeth, charcoal and large numbers of burnt stones (possibly indicating a fire at the location)
author: Martin, Andrew, Dr.

This camp is rendered particularly interesting by several tumuli... No. 7 is a large, barrow nearly one hundred feet in diameter, and twelve feet and an half in elevation, and is a very conspicuous object from the turnpike road below. Much labour and time were employed upon this tumulus, but without success, as the interment was not found. The various fragments of stag's horns, teeth of wild boar, charcoal, as well as an immense quantity of stones which had undergone the action of fire, seem to indicate this to have been a sepulchral barrow, in which the ceremony of cremation had been performed.

The seventh is the great barrow, conspicuous as you ride the turnpike road below, it is of great magnitude being near 100 feet in diameter and 12 feet in elevation, after having employed two and sometimes three men for five days or more we were at last disappointed in not finding any interment . Yet As we proceeded in opening it there was sufficient evidence to prove this barrow sepulchral, such as stags horns, teeth of the wild boar, abundance of charred wood, an immense quantity of stones which had undergone the action of fire in burning the body and yet if we consider the small space necessary for containing an urn or cist when compared to the immense size of the tumulus it is not much to be wondered at, that we did not succeed, especially in a barrow rendered so difficult to be opened as this was, from so large a portion of it being composed of loose stones.

D. RCH 7: no interment found. AW i. 70

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