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Wilsford G1

primary name: Wilsford G1

other name: RCH: Normanton 166

archaeology / bronze age

SiteName: NW. of Normanton Gorse, Parish: Wilsford, County: Wiltshire, LocalityType: bowl barrow, LocalityType: round barrow, Coordinates: NGR:ST11114163

Bowl barrow with two primary inhumations with a bell beaker and antlers. A subsequent primary or secondary cremation was also inserted into the central grave. 11 inhumations were also placed in the north side of the barrow. 5-10 infant inhumations had beakers. Another infant inhumation (burial 4) also had a small vessel or urn type. A crouched adult inhumation (on right side) had beaker sherds in its grave fill and a slate fragment behind its skull (a possible copy of an early Irish bronze axe).
author: Martin, Andrew, Dr.

Normanton Down During July and August 1960, emergency excavations on behalf of the Ministry of Works were carried out on three barrows situated a little to the west of the main Normanton barrow group on Normanton Down, in the parish of South Wilsford. The director was Miss E. V. Field. Grinsell's Barrow No. 1 (SU/11114163) This was a bowl barrow 50ft. in diameter, the present height of the mound being lft. 3in. There is no record of the original excavation carried out by William Cunnington in 1805, except a comment that the central grave contained a skeleton, a drinking cup and stag antlers. (Hoare, Ancient Wilts., i, 206). The 1960 excavations proved, however, that the central grave had contained at least two inhumations and a cremation. Fragments of a bell beaker were also recovered with the burnt and inhumed bones in the original grave fill. Total excavation brought to light 11 burials, all of which were situated in the north side of the barrow. Burials 5-10 were infant inhumations, and contained beakers ; Burial 4 was also an inhumed infant, but contained a small vessel of urn type. Grave 11 contained the crouched skeleton of a young adult lying on its right side; behind the skull was a fragment of slate, which may be a copy of an early Irish flat bronze axe. Beaker sherds were also found in the grave filling.

No. 166 contained the remains of a skeleton, accompanied by a drinking cup, and stags' horns.

RCH 166: primary skeleton beaker, and antlers. AW i. 206

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