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Bratton G1

primary name: Bratton G1

other name: RCH: Bratton Camp

archaeology / neolithic

SiteName: Inside Bratton Castle, Parish: Bratton, County: Wiltshire, LocalityType: long barrow, Coordinates: NGR:ST90035160

Long Barrow with 2 primary cremations on a platform with a pile of pebble stones and one chalk bead covered with 'vegetable earth' intermixed with pottery and animal bones at four and five feet deep. Three secondary inhumations were found near the top.
author: Martin, Andrew, Dr.

As you enter this camp from the south, a large oblong barrow appears on the left, which has excited the attention of different people, and given rise to various reports; but as I cannot depend upon any researches, but those made immediately under our own eyes, I shall not repeat those handed down by uncertain tradition-. Mr. Cunnington made two attempts on this tumulus; at first he cut a section nine feet long, and five wide, and found black vegetable earth for the depth of five feet, intermixed with pottery and animal bones. On one side of the section, at the depth of four feet., he discovered a pile of pebble stones similar to those before mentioned, and a large stone bead (These pebbles are not natural to this spot, but were probably brought from a hill near Godford, and were used in slings). The area of this camp having been for many years under tillage, a great check is thereby put to any further discoveries. At a subsequent period Mr. Cunnington employed his men for several days in examining the large end of this barrow, but he only discovered the remains of three skeletons near the top.

Ex. (i) 17th cent. (?): bones, antlers, urns, iron objects (Gough's Camden, i.(iii) JT: primary platform-cremation for 2 adults. Arch. xlii. i92-3.

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chalk bead

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