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DZSWS:MSS.2517 Printed copy of the 1882 Act to give the trustees of the will of Sir Richard Colt Hoare power to sell property.
DZSWS:MSS.1 A collection of typed manuscripts covering 24 subjects relating to Highworth, sourced from printed works and covering the history of the Town from pre-Roman to the 17th century/ Elwell, Edward/ 1944.
DZSWS:MSS.2 A full copy of the North Wilts Herald paper, vol. 111 No CXIX, Swindon, Saturday , September 26th 1863, containing local and foreign news with adverts/ editor/ 26/09/1863.
DZSWS:MSS.3 Research notes on Warminster from manorial, ecclesiastical and historical documents, prepared for Sir Richard Colt Hoare's History of the Hundred of Warminster/ Wansey, Henry/ 1825.
DZSWS:MSS.4 Typed copies of lists of taxpayers in 39 parishes for 1781, 1801 and 1831/ unknown author/ undated.
DZSWS:MSS.5 Parish of Box: 1580 - 1649 - a transcript of the parish register/ unknown author / undated.
DZSWS:MSS.6 Parish of Box; Extracts from Churchwardens Book 1810 - 1852/ unknown author/ undated.
DZSWS:MSS.8 A copy of a Terrier of all the housing, glebe land,commons, tithes, offerings and their customary dues belonging to the vicarage of Box in the diocese of Sarum, being called for and accordingly delivered under the hand of the Minister and Church Wardens of the said Parish at the biennial visitation of Seth,Lord Bishop of Sarum, Dec 10 1677/ White/ undated.
DZSWS:MSS.9 Extracts from Box Parish registers 1581 - 1751/ unknown copyist/ undated.
DZSWS:MSS.10 Transcripts of miscellaneous records from the British Museum and the PRO/ Kidston, G J / undated.
DZSWS:MSS.11 Lists of inscriptions on tombstones in Mildenhall Churchyard; lists of rectors and parish officers and lists of entries in earliest registers and terriers/ unknown copyist/ undated.
DZSWS:MSS.14 Notes on the topography, local government, estates, religion, poor law, education and people in the parishes of Berwick St Leonard, Bradford-on-Avon, Dinton, Donhead St Andrew, Charlton, Liddington, Beechingstoke, Keevil, Tisbury, Sedgehill, Teffont Magna and West Hatch/ Jones, W, Reverend/ 1870.
DZSWS:MSS.16 Handwritten notes on the topography, history, natural history, religion, local government, estates and people of Alton Barnes, Alton Priors and Potterne/ Jones, W, Reverend/ 1870.
DZSWS:MSS.17 Early Annals of the Episcopate in Wilts and Dorset, with hand written notes and newspaper cuttings on individual Bishops/ Jones, William Henry, Reverend / 1871.
DZSWS:MSS.18 Handwritten extracts from Salisbury Diocesan records, including Chapter registers, Bishop's registers and minute book/ Jones, William Henry, Reverend/ 1869.
DZSWS:MSS.19 Handwritten notes by Mrs Mary Elizabeth Light, of Chippenham, largely concerning Great Somerford with a few notes by Edward Kite/ Light, Mary Elizabeth / late 19th century.
DZSWS:MSS.20 Handwritten copies of Devizes municipal leases/ Kite, Edward/ undated.
DZSWS:MSS.22 Handwritten abstracts from deeds still in the possession of the Birthill family, concerning Great Somerford and Kington St Michael/ Light, Mary E, Mrs/ undated.
DZSWS:MSS.23 Notes extracted from the churchwardens accounts of Mere/ Baker, T H/ 1908.
DZSWS:MSS.24 Extracts from Mere Churchwardens book, 1757 to 1853.
DZSWS:MSS.25 An article on royalty in Wiltshire through 10 centuries, cut from the Wiltshire Gazette Silver Jubilee number.
DZSWS:MSS.26 Study of Hudds Mill, Edington.
DZSWS:MSS.27 Transcripts of churchwardens accounts from Edington, 1577-1625, and 1808-1890, including a Proclamation against Vice 1699 and a commentary on the accounts.
DZSWS:MSS.29 Discussion of site of the Battle of Ethandun.
DZSWS:MSS.30 Discussion of the charter of King Edgar in 968 granting the manors of Ashton and Edington to Romsey Abbey.
DZSWS:MSS.31 References to Edington in Domesday Book.
DZSWS:MSS.34 Notes on the foundation of Edington Priory.
DZSWS:MSS.35 Notes on the properties of Edington Priory, described parish by parish.
DZSWS:MSS.36 Notes on Edington Priory up to the dissolution in 1539.
DZSWS:MSS.38 List of landholders in Edington taken from wills 1500-1800, and land sales 1549-1573.
DZSWS:MSS.39 Notes on the Edington parish registers 1675-1789.
DZSWS:MSS.40 Notes on parish papers of Edington church 1666-1826.
DZSWS:MSS.41 Notes on Edington highway book 1809-1827.
DZSWS:MSS.42 Notes on the Edington Overseers of the Poor accounts 1806-1834, including the names of people assisted.
DZSWS:MSS.43 Notes on Edington families.
DZSWS:MSS.44 Notes with pedigrees on the Pepler family of Edington.
DZSWS:MSS.45 List of field names in the Poor Rate valuation of 1822 and list of Edington ratepayers 1822.
DZSWS:MSS.47 Booklet on the family of Newton and an account of the manor and rectory of Lindfield.
DZSWS:MSS.48 Discussion of the optical peculiarities of ancient painted glass.
DZSWS:MSS.49 Discussion of the relative ages of the stone implement periods in England (belonged to William Cunnington).
DZSWS:MSS.51 List of works on the geology, mineralogy, and paleontology of Hampshire.(belonged to William Cunnington).
DZSWS:MSS.52 Catalogue of fossils from the cretaceous beds of Berkshire in the collection of E C Davey.
DZSWS:MSS.53 Notes on representations of a nimbus of fire or light either resting on or emanating from the head.
DZSWS:MSS.55 Text of lecture on Quaternary flint implements from France.
DZSWS:MSS.56 Booklet on leprosy at St Albans during the Middle Ages.
DZSWS:MSS.57 Article on a genus and species of Sauroid fish from the Kimmeridge clay of Culham, Oxfordshire.
DZSWS:MSS.58 Text of lecture on British antiquities to Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.(belonged to John Britton).
DZSWS:MSS.59 Article on the Roman antiquities discovered in Bath including two autograph letters from H.M. Scarth.(belonged to John Britton).
DZSWS:MSS.61 Article on the removal and relaying of roman tessellated floors.
DZSWS:MSS.62 Notes on a Kjokken-Modding in the Island of Herm.(belonged to John Britton).
DZSWS:MSS.63 Report on the excavations at the Roman site at Pevensey castle, Sussex.
DZSWS:MSS.64 Essay on the architectural features of Lacock Abbey, part 1, 1232-1539.
DZSWS:MSS.66 Programme of the Lacock Abbey pageant in 1932, including short historical notes, and advertisements.
DZSWS:MSS.67 16 photographs of the furniture in Lacock Abbey.
DZSWS:MSS.68 11 mounted photographs of stone carved corbels.
DZSWS:MSS.69 19 brass rubbings and drawings from Wiltshire churches.
DZSWS:MSS.70 List of subscribers to Jackson Memorial Fund 1891, including correspondence, and members of WAS 1890.
DZSWS:MSS.71 Specification of works for building a church and a later vestry at Melksham Forest together with letters, a photograph of a bell, and photographs of two seals.
DZSWS:MSS.72 Pedigree showing the Plantagenet kings and their connections with Amesbury and Melksham, and a page of coats of arms.
DZSWS:MSS.73 Plan and list of circular marks on the tithe barn in Bradford-on-Avon.
DZSWS:MSS.75 Account of the possessions of the Abbey of Malmesbury in Anglo-Saxon times with remarks on the ancient limits of the Forest of Braden.
DZSWS:MSS.76 Essay on history of Malmesbury Abbey.
DZSWS:MSS.79 Prerogative Court of Canterbury and Sarum wills; main families Awdry, Carpenter, Somner & Tipper.
DZSWS:MSS.80 Newscuttings and letter about John Wesley's activities in Wiltshire.
DZSWS:MSS.82 Notes on the escort provided for the Wiltshire sheriffs.
DZSWS:MSS.83 Wills and pedigrees of the Paradise family of Devizes, Wiltshire.
DZSWS:MSS.84 Transcript of Seend churchwardens book.
DZSWS:MSS.86 List of payments to the poor of Seend in 1870.
DZSWS:MSS.88 Copy of land deed, granting Melksham Forest to Christopher, Earl of Anglesey.
DZSWS:MSS.90 Notes on and a copy of the grant of Clarendon Park to George Monk, Duke of Albemarle in 1665, a pencil drawing of Sir Edward Nicholas and a letter from Canon J E Jackson concerning Clarendon Park.
DZSWS:MSS.91 Copy of grant of land in Inmarsh, Seend by Henry II to Richard Ruffus.
DZSWS:MSS.93 Family trees and heraldic notes on the family of Fell, Croucher, Lower and Penn.
DZSWS:MSS.95 Extracts from copies of deeds relating to place and field names in Corton.
DZSWS:MSS.98 Copies of Upton Lovell churchwardens account books 1738-1837, including incomplete lists of churchwardens, overseers and way wardens.
DZSWS:MSS.99 Pedigree and notes on the family of Hinkman of Upton Lovell, Wiltshire including a copy of the petition sent by Nathaniel Hickman to James II in 1688.
DZSWS:MSS.103 Notes on the Mogg family of Upton Lovell, Wiltshire.
DZSWS:MSS.104 Notes from the Rolls series on the disposal of lands belonging to Walter Hungerford after the Battle of Bosworth Field and extracts from Patent Rolls.
DZSWS:MSS.105 Extracts from manorial and church records on the history of Upton Lovell, Wiltshire.
DZSWS:MSS.106 Extracts from wills for the Heytesbury Hundred.
DZSWS:MSS.107 Manuscript notes, maps,documentary extracts and letters collected by John Britton for a history of Kington St Michael, Wiltshire.
DZSWS:MSS.108 List of engravings and water colours in Britton's Beauties of Wiltshire with references to their location in Devizes Museum collections.
DZSWS:MSS.110 Extracts from documents and monuments on the history of Crudwell, Oaksey and Hankerton, including notes on the history of the villages.
DZSWS:MSS.111 Discussion of antiquities in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire and Warwickshire.
DZSWS:MSS.112 Discussion of Berkshire antiquities.
DZSWS:MSS.113 Refutation of Rev.Mr Wise's letter to Dr Mead on the antiquities of Berkshire.
DZSWS:MSS.114 Lists of field names and land ownership in parishes around Pewsey, with brief family tree of the Wroughton family.
DZSWS:MSS.115 Notes on industry in Castle Combe.
DZSWS:MSS.116 Economic history of Coleshill, Berkshire, including a graph of sheep and wool production 1400=60.
DZSWS:MSS.117 Article in the New York Times on the white horses of Wiltshire.
DZSWS:MSS.119 List of persons and amounts assessed for Ship Money in Kingsbridge Hundred, Devon in 1635.
DZSWS:MSS.120 Taxation lists for parishes in Kingsbridge Hundred, Devon 1697-1705.
DZSWS:MSS.121 Brief history of Braydon Pond and the area round.
DZSWS:MSS.124 Notes on the surviving Rood Screen at Dauntsey, including a drawing, apparently for an article in Wiltshire Notes and Queries No. 72 of December 1910.
DZSWS:MSS.125 Extract from WAM concerning documents relating to Westley and the manor of Great Whitecliff.
DZSWS:MSS.126 Copies of Benet memorial tablets in Wroughton church.
DZSWS:MSS.127 Autobiographical poem of Thomas Hobbes, translated into English.
DZSWS:MSS.128 Copies of documents and letters concerning Lady Arabella Stuart, including some original documents.
DZSWS:MSS.129 Notes on the history and geology of the vale of Warminster, including maps, drawings and letters.
DZSWS:MSS.130 Extracts from government and heraldic documents for Wiltshire.
DZSWS:MSS.131 List of pensions paid to maimed soldiers and sailors in north east Wiltshire 1688=1690 in the accounts of Robert Lawrence, Treasurer of north Wiltshire.


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